Our Story :

In the summer of 2014 God began to stir the hearts of several people about the starting of a new church in Covington, Georgia. It was in the kitchen of their home in South Carolina that Laurin threw out the idea of her and Pastor George Clackum moving back to George’s home town to start a new church. What she didn’t know was that George had been having the same thoughts but was waiting for the Lord to call her before he said anything.   

While they were still wrestling with the call, Dr. Dan Berry was also feeling the Spirits prompting. The following Sunday afternoon Dr. Berry gave George a call. He expressed his dream of starting a new church in the east Atlanta area and for some reason the Holy Spirit continued to bring up George’s name. From there George and Laurin got jobs in the area and had two weeks to pack up everything they owned and moved to Covington.

From the very beginning George and Laurin dreamed of starting a church that didn’t spend its time showing people their faults, but rather helped them reach their potential. They wanted to start a church that reached out to the non-churched community to build life giving relationships. Their hope was to create a community that would impact generations of people. So, they began praying. They began praying for a church that wasn’t just in the city but for the city. They began praying for Revive Church. 

Our Goal

See People Experience Their Fullest Life in Christ